First Time At Harrison Fitness?

If its your first time at our gym, then let us welcome you!

Here’s a few tips on what you need to bring (and what you should leave at home!)


We recommend bringing your own refillable water bottle, you can refill at either two water fountains in our facility! If you don’t have a bottle – or forget, happens to the best of us! – we have bottled water in our Supplement Store for just $1.


We provide clean towels for use during your workout! (Please remember to wipe up your equipment after use! If you have doubts on whether or not the last guy cleaned up, we provide hospital grade disinfectant spray. Let’s work together to keep our gym clean and our members healthy!)


We do our best to play upbeat, easy-to-workout-to beats throughout our gym. We know that each person has different tastes! If you find that our taste doesn’t suite your workout for the day, just ask the attendant at the front desk for the Wi-Fi password! We make it easy for you to bring your own tunes! Just please use headphones to be courteous to our other members!

The Three R’s

Gym Rules, Regulations, and Responsibilities:

Accountability: Your entry key card belongs to you and only you! Own it! Remember that allowing others to use your key is a violation of our rules, and will result in immediate termination of your membership.

Entry: When entering the gym, use your key card at the Members Only door. Each person should scan their own entry card, and enter one at a time. Not abiding by this rule can result in termination of your membership.

Housekeeping: Any trash or used towels should be placed in the proper bins!

Re-rack, Re-rack, Re-rack!! Please remember that each of our members are unique, and are at different levels in their fitness journey. Some are unable to unload plates from the machines. It’s a key factor in both safety AND motivation, that our members are not pushed so far beyond their limits that they can’t go on. Be courteous and put away equipment after each use! Anyone caught leaving plates loaded will be promptly asked to put them away. Multiple offences can result in the suspension or termination of your membership. We’d hate to see you go, but the safety and wellbeing of our members comes first!

Membership Information:

At this time, Harrison Fitness does not send renewal letters to memberships close to expiration, so you are fully responsible for paying fees on time to keep your membership active.

You are responsible for keeping all of your information up-to-date and accurate!

We do not give refunds on our memberships (even ones that go un-used! Get your moneys worth! Come see us!)


Gym Etiquette:

Dress Code: You want and need to be comfortable when you’re at the gym! Please follow these guidelines while deciding what to wear:
Please cover your mid-rift: No Sports Bra’s Only, No Shirtlessness. NO EXCEPTIONS!  
Any shorts should be an appropriate length!

Shoes: Proper athletic shoes must be worn on the floor at all times.  You should wear a shoe that fits well and provides great support. NO open-toed shoes, NO bare feet.

We value the respect and safety of our members above all else.

Share The Equipment: Is someone “hogging” a machine? Do they appear to done with the leg press, but are still lingering next to it? DON’T BE SHY! Ask if they are done, and if not, just ask to work in! Taking turns doing sets can help ensure we are getting proper rest in-between sets, and you might even find yourself a new work out buddy.


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We are a proud supporter of SilverFit and the SilverSneakers programs, which are both designed with active aging in mind for seniors (aged 60+)!

*Some Medicare recipients may be eligible for coverage!

“Silver Fit is a country wide exercise program that aims to create a culture of active aging by providing well researched exercise programs that are specifically suitable for older adults. Although aging is inevitable, many of the adverse effects of aging can be counteracted if you keep moving.” – (for more information about the Silver Fit Program, you can visit their website at

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